The Path of the Lightwarrior

29-09-2014 22:13

What's really deep down inside of me
Nobody out there seems to care or see
They only see what they want to see
A girl with a smile, always shines her light
And people tell me their problems
their fears, stories, everything
They want my help, my advice, 
They want a part of what's left of me
Excuse me, I'm an Orphan, remember
I'm the one with grief and sorrow inside
I don't have someone to talk about my loss
People talk about theirselves all the time
And sure, I will be fine, I'm strong enough
But everyone needs a hug sometimes
Everyone need kind, encouraging words
I'm also just a human being, no Saint
I know, I seem to be a happy person
And I am, but there's also sadness
Sadness because the world is selfish
Sadness because I'm so alone
For now, I will give less, I will learn to receive
I gave too much of my heart all these years
It was exhausting to take care of others
Now it's time to take care of ME with love
Maybe the strongest souls walk alone
Maybe their paths will lead to great things
And I believe the Universe has big plans
So I have trust in this path I'm walking
I just keep on walking and walking
Step by step, my heart is healing
Eventually I will get there, I will get there
Every Light Warrior will conquer their task
Even when the road is hard, keep walking
You may seem to be alone, but we are together
There are many Spiritual Warriors out there
One day we will Reunite and live in peace
I'll pray for more light and love in this world
We need to open new awakening doors
For WE are the change we are waiting for
So let's all walk in light to our destination
Love, M.