29-09-2014 22:09

She doesn't want to be tamed, she wants to live the beauty of life wild and free
She is as delightful as the Sun and as dark as the mysterious Moon can be
She lives in peace, close to her heart, she has a passionate fire inside
Sometimes she gives it all, sometimes she runs away and wants to hide
In her heart she carries so much love and pain, you wouldn't understand
She seems fragile but she is so strong, you don't have to hold her hand
Run with her or stay behind, open the eyes of your heart or stay forever blind. 
She will touch your soul, changes you forever, she is magic in your mind.
She will love you, she will hate you, she can really drives a man mad
She is a lonely lightwarrior, nobody knows about the tears she shed..

She is a cameleon storm, she shows every existing color, she comes and goes
She admires the eternal dance of Love, she is like an enchanting river that flows
She dances with wolves, she is One with nature, Goddess of Light. In the Sun she seems to be an Angel but she's is the mistress of the Night. She always knows when her intuition is right.
Everytime she stands up, stronger, wiser, with love and happiness in her eyes. She will only raise higher in divine frequency into the starlit skies. With golden wings of feather she flies.