From fear to freedom

29-04-2012 18:02

If you never try, you’ll never fall, you’ll never know.
There would never be a sad goodbye, just a simple hello.
Imagine if there would be no pain, no struggles and no tears on your cheek.
Cause the fear won’t allow for taking risks to make you feel so fragile and weak.

Lovers become strangers, when fear wins.
And another chapter of your story already begins..
It’s just a learning lesson, it’s just the way it goes.
The good and the bad things shows us that life’s a river that always flows.

A deep sensitive heart is healing so slow and you can’t erase and rewind.
Sometimes the heart needs time to leave all the memories behind.
Sometimes the only manner is to learn it the hardest way.
You just have to deal with it and wait for a better day.

Before you find what you are looking for you have to make it through.
If you know it was all worth everything in the end ..what would you do?
For a dream that seems so far away are you willing to let go anger and fear?
Are you willing to suffer and wait patiently till sad thoughts would disappear?

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got, It’s up to you.
So if what you're doing isn't working..then it’s something different you must do.

It’s not easy and it will never be, but any change is good for those who see the beauty in every little thing.
After the rainy clouds you will see the sun shining again and hear the birds sing.
For all the broken hearts out here.. there’s always hope, it isn’t so bad as it seems.
All you have to do is to believe in miracles, just let it happen and follow your dreams.

If you try, you’ll fall, you’ll know.
There will be a sad goodbye, not just a simple hello.
Imagine if there would be pain, struggles, and tears on your cheek.
The fear dares to allow you taking risks to make you feel fragile and weak.