Create your Life

02-02-2014 21:35

Surrounded by this beautiful blue energy
Searching for life among the stars
Floating through the galaxy
Color painted surreal skies
Destination Unknown

My soul is free, no need for wings to fly
My roots are in the higher dimensions
My heart opens, my eyes gaze and sparkle
My home is somewhere far, far away
My ancient kingdom waits for me to return

Saying goodbye to old structures and systems
Earth will raise into higher vibrations and energies
The Old will die, the New will light our paths
I am here to serve, I am here to guide
I am here to whisper the song of my ancestors

Water, will take away our tears and let us flow
Fire, will bring out the passion in our souls
Earth, will learn us to stay centered amids the chaos
Wind, will give us transparent wings to fly
Elements, give us the power to keep faith

Together we can carry the world
With positive thoughts and wishes
Together we can heal the world
With love, light and eternal blessings
This world awakes when the time is right

We think we are so small in a world so big
Let’s remember we are divine beings. Dreams come true
We have the possibility to change and create life
Just the way life is meant to be lived. Everyday
You are the architect of your own designed life

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all
I am love
You are love
We are Love
Love sets us free