A Lion's Heart

29-09-2014 22:47

My restless heart is one big scar
It still beats
It still hurts
Over and over again

My damaged heart is a battlefield
Between love and chaos
Grief and laughter
Pain and joy
My sensitive heart is a mess
Damn damn heart
The One who feels too much
Knows too much
Loves too much
My Lion's heart sings a story
A story of strength
She wants to run far far away 
But she still listens to her own heartbeat
Fighting a battle everyday
My mysterious heart is a place of art
Passion, secret desire, lust
Exploration and poetry
Tenderness, kindness
And always caring
My deep heart is a survivor
It still believes in love
The sun is still shining
through the dark wounds
Of a heartbreaking past
My proud heart will bloom like a flower
Only for the right ones in my life
It will bloom and love, more and more
The worlds needs the stories from my heart
And most important..I need to stay in my heart
Opening the eyes of my heart
Is the gateaway to my soul
My higher self, My intuïtion
It will lead me to the truth in this life
It will give me wings, It will set me free
This is my path, I wrote the words in my heart
Life will bring me tears, life will bring me smiles
Even when the road is hard..I won't give up
I will become the person who I am, I have trust
Because everything is changing, nothing lasts forever
The only things that will last is the kindness in your heart
The only thing that counts in the end, is the love you carry within
Always be kind in heart, your heart is the key to a life of happiness
Love, M.