A letter from the Stars

29-09-2014 22:02

Dear You
Listen to the song of your Heart to find peace in your Soul
Be careful and wise how to share your Energy with others
They will take everything away and leave you empty inside
Be with positive people who understand your sacred Path
People who won't take your love and kindness for granted
Be with your soul family, souls who give you a good feeling
Not with those who give you their problems and won't work
about theirselves, they want to feed theirselves with pieces of you
Until you feel exhausted, broken, hurt, lost and alone again
Love yourself and the rest will come when the time is right
Don't look for love in the outside world, love can only be
find in the beauty of your inner world, your soul, your heart
Don't be afraid to choose your own Path, to let go of the past
Because the beauty of life is waiting for you, come take my hand
Look over the hill, see the beauty of it all, be the Sun, not the shadow
I see with the opening eyes of my heart and I see the real YOU
Be free and undress your walls, let your soul shine brightly
I've seen the person you CAN become, I have trust in you
The world is waiting to see your true colors, kind Starsoul
Don't forget you aren't really an Earthwalker, you're a Skywalker
To F.L.Y. you really have to love yourself first, keep that in mind
So let's fly, together and in the solitude of your being, look for Stars
That's where we belong, our true nature, Earth is just temporary
Find your heart again, lost one, before you will be too lonely here
It's never  too late to change, this is just the beginning of your journey
Close or far, we are always connected in our hearts and our souls
Everything, every meeting, every situation..it's all written in the Stars
YOU are still the writer of your own story, so write an inspiring Novel!
Love, M.